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Halloween server contest!  We're looking to add a spooky mansion to the backside of our lobby island.  There is an area marked out so please go take a look.

Do /contest for more information on the server

Grand Prize:
  • Sign in front of the mansion in the lobby (mansion will stay even after halloween)
  • $5,000 of in game money
  • 1 Diamond Pick
  • TNT Run Double Jump ability (4 uses)
  • Bank space upgrade
2nd Place
  • Invisible Creepers Repel Ability
  • Bank space upgrade
  • $1,000 of in game money
3rd Place
  • TNT Run Double Jump
  • $500 in game money
New Voting Rewards:

Something that has bothered me for quite awhile is our voting reward system.  It wasn't very informative or fun so I revamped it.  It will now show you were you voted plus give you a chance at getting some even nicer items through "lucky" votes.

Also, anyone who has purchased a rank will get $75 plus 1 diamond per vote as opposed to $50 and 1 iron ingot.

TNT Run Build Winners:


Prize: (Pick one of the following)
-An Extra Creative plot
-2 Blocks of diamonds
-Skywars kit builder 3
-$5,000 in game money

Next contest will be announce on Wednesday!
[Ac] cieran360 Yes I won something I will choose 5k
Hey friends!

You may notice the link at the top of the screen labeled "Server Map."  I took some time and implemented Dynmap to give you guys a live map of the server.  You can navigate to this page and view all the various worlds and map views on the server.  The map will also display current online users.

To navigate to the various worlds and views be sure to hover over the right side of the window to get the menu to show up.  If you click on any of the users in there it will center the map onto them.

I've been wanting to do this for awhile but just got around to it.  We've implemented a Youtube and Twitch rank which you can apply for here:

It offers a lot of perks as well as some visibility to other server members.  Keep in mind if you do not meet the requirements or if you ask me if I've seen your application you will be denied.  Also there is a verification process so be patient.

Thanks and enjoy the game!
Hey friend!

Thank you all who came out to the livestream drop party as we unveiled a bunch of new features that we've been working on that last month and the new lobby.

September updates:
-New lobby
-New Shop System and area
-New Skyblock perks
-New Admin shop
-New Beta Testers
-New Help system
-New Mini game
-/Contest command
-New lobby menu system
-Dedicated server! (no server lag)

New Shops:
With the new lobby we've moved over to use the new shop area built by Lowellsbmx as well as a new shop plugin made by nlthijs48 called Area Shop.  The main benefit of this shop plugin that I really like is that when a shop expires it resets the area back.  So be sure to get your items out before your shop expires!  This will keep the shops cleaner

New Help System:
DARKHAWX has coded a new help system which we will expand on.  It is difficult to communicate all the custom commands and features for each plugin and game type.  So if you wander into any of the buildings in the lobby your Hub Stick will change to be a book with information on that game type.

New Mini Game:
DARKHAWX and I are big fans of the Achievement Hunter guys and recently they had a minecraft mini game called Invisible Creepers that didn't go very well.  So we took that idea and gave it some structure and power.  Basically the goal of the game is to survive.  Creepers will spawn in waves.  As the waves go on you have a higher chance to meet super fast, invisible or super charged creepers.

We also have special abilities that you can unlock for this game that we will be setting up a way to purchase them

New Skyblock Perks:
If you go to your skyblock menu (/is) and click on the Perks menu

You may notice that this menu now works thanks to dutchy1001.  In this menu you will find a lot of fun new features that you can unlock.  I'd like to highlight the Nether access and The End access.  You now have to purchase access to these worlds in this menu.  It is simply a one time purchase.

Thank you all for making this possible and fun for us.  Help us continue to build this server community and make our server a great place for everyone to play minecraft together.
[F] itismejoey Nevermind, I figured out how to do it. Kind of a pain, this new way, if you ask me...
[F] itismejoey So, one thing I noticed was that if you buy something in the admin shop (or any shop for that matter), you can not bring ...
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