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Hey guys, 
As you may have noticed not much has been posted on here regarding new features since... well ever.

So I wanted start a new trend wherein Koz and I will post here each time we add a new feature or every few weeks with numerous features that we have added.

Since we have not done this before this one will be quite long. I am not posting about everything that we have added to the server, but just those that we have added in the past month or two.

You don't have to read it all, but it doesn't hurt to.

[Update - 24/12/2014]
Player Shops:
- Skript Overhaul
- Funcionality should be the same. But report any bugs you find
- Sign Format:
(Buy|B) [$]<price>:(Sell|S) [S]<price>
- Right click sign afterwards to activate it
- Use /collect to collect money gathered from your shops

- Use /arcade to get there
- Group of islands connected by bridges
- Use /ic lobby to get to the InvisibleCreepers lobby
- Use /pvp lobby to get to the PvPArena lobby
- Use /tr lobby to get to the TNTRun lobby
- Use /sw lobby to get to the SkyWars lobby

- Hidden around the lobby are heads of each of the McFriends and Admins (those who have placed their heads)
- Right click a head to "find" it
- Once you find them all you will get a prize

- New Minigame
- Class based pvp. Classes cannot be upgraded. But you can unlock new ones.
- Use /pvp help for more info
- 15 unique classes
- Each class has a special ability. Right click your nether star to find out what it does (120 second cooldown)
- Based upon my old map
- 4 Maps (2 DM and 2 Duel)
- Two gamemodes (for now): Duel and Deathmath
- Duel:
- A battle between two people
- Played in rounds, wherein each person has 1 life
- Best of 5
- Therefore, first person to 3 kills wins
- Class can be changed midfight, but changes will not be applied until a round ends
- Deathmatch:
- Larger version of duel
- Numerous players battle it out for victory
- First player to achieve the maximum number of kills wins
- Players randomly spawn around the map
- Buff chests are located around the map and provide short buffs. Have a 5 min cooldown period
- Class can be changed midfight, but changes will not be applied until respawn
- Still tweaking the way the damage works as well as balancing classes

- Obtained by completing minigames (% chance)
- Three different sizes
- Right click to open
- Contains varying metals as well as unlockables scraps
- Chance to obtain a rare item for skyblock/survival

Unlockables Scraps:
- Obtained from lootbags
- Gather 5 of them and /combine them to get a random redeemable item

LostPresents Event:
- Santa has lost a lot of his presents
- Find them around the place and click them to collect them
- Presents are hidden around the lobby, survival spawn and skyblock spawn
- Once you have enough, trade them into the Head-Elf for prizes
- 7 Different prizes up for purchase

- Overhauled into skript
- Now toggleable: use /announcer to toggle between recieving periodic announcements
- Displays a message once every 10 minutes

New Commands:
- /sell <number|all>
- Sells the specified number of items in you hand (/sell 5 while holding iron will sell 5 iron)
- Same prices as the adminshop
- Can only sell items that can be sold in the adminshop

- /skyisland
- Aliases: /skyworld, 
- Teleports you to the skyblock spawn

- /creative
- /plotworld, /plots
- Teleports you to the plot world

- /brb
- Tells the world that you will be right back

- /brbd
- Tells the world that you are back

- /ping
- Displays your current ping (server lag)

- /nochat
- Turns off chat
- You will be unable to speak, and see what others say
- You will still receive private messages and server messages

Monster Spawners:
- Friend and up can "silk touch" monster spawners
- Use /spawner to change what a monster spawner spawns

- Slight changes
- Now works in survival
- Cannot take items from survival into skyblock and vice versa
- Now locks items that are not for that particular world
- If an item says "skyblock, survival" it means you can use them in either world
- Upon opening the bank while an item contains "skyblock, survival" it will change to the respective world (e.g. open in survival, those items will now be survival only)

Lobby Changes:
- Added rivers that flow through the island.
- Bridges are built over them
- Added a parkour area. This is still a work in progress
- Added santa's workshop to the top left hand corner of the island
- Converted all water to ice
- Placed snow... everywhere
- Squid Racers island mostly finished
- Chicken Snowballs island finished

- Still In Development
- Use /parkour to teleport to the "hub"
- Use /parkour score <game type> [<map>] to view a leaderboard
- 5 different game types:
- Random Parkour:
- /parkour score random
- Is different every time
- Generates a new block each time you land on the next one
- Obtain lootbags upon reaching 30, 75 and 125 score.
- Will have a scoreboard (on the side) that displays current run versus best run
- Score = Longest Run
- Parkour courses:
- /parkour score course <map>
- Just your basic parkour
- Finish as fast as you can
- Obtain lootbags for reaching certain times in maps (e.g. beat 25 seconds on map "example")
- Score = Best Times
- Undercity Parkour:
- /parkour score undercity
- This will come once the lobby is complete
- Obtain lootbags and score by finding secret/easter eggs
- Not based on time, but based on exploration
- Score = Secrets Found
- Speed Parkour
- /parkour score speed <map>
- Run superfast through these courses with swiftness 10
- Beat your fastest times
- Lootbags awarded upon reaching certain times
- Score = Best Times
- Snake Parkour:
- /parkour score snake <map>
- The map moves and changes
- Beat your fastest ties
- Lootbags awarded upon reaching certain times
- Score = Best Times

- We now have working bookshelves!
- Hooray!
- These work by simply rightclicking on them
- This will open an inventory containing what is inside the bookshelf
- Since its a bookshelf you can only put books, book and quill, written books and enchanted books into it.
- Now go and make a cool library

- Now you can add friends
- Currently early stages
- Main function ATM allows you to see if they are online or offline
- Will have more abilities in the near future
- Use "/friend add <player>" to add someone as a friend. A notification will be sent to them about this.
- Use "/friend del <player>" to remove a friend.
- Use "/friend" to list all of your friends

DARKHAWX's To Do List:
- Hidden behind the bank
- Small board of all the projects I am working on.
- If you have any suggestions please make sure to post them on the forums

Link signs:
- You can make signs that send links in chat for players to click
- Format is:
- Line 1: 
- Line 2: [Link]
- Line 3: <link>
- Line 4:
- See the one next the first present you see in the lobby for an example
- Clicking on it (both left and right click) will send the messages into their chat

- The adminchat has changed a bit
- Instead use /mdc
- It functions exactly the same as adc

- You can use /spy me to toggle between showing messages whenever you use a command

- There is no current contest
- However in early January we will announce a new one

- Small changes
- Some prices and items are different
- All items are now upstairs
- Blocks are downstairs
- Fixed the bug wherein you could create your own adminshop

Chat Filter:
- Small changes
- Admin chat and mod chat are now colored
- For those that have permission, you can use colored chat by using format codes, or writing <red>, etc.
- Donators now have colored chat (Ac and up)
- Use /fw to list all filtered words
- Moderators have permission to add and remove to that list by using /fw <word> and /rfw <word> respectively

- New unlockables for PvPArena
- Unlock the other 12 classes for use

tl;dr Go back and read it, there is too much to summarise

Hope all enjoy your holiday. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Christmas Sale!

[McF] Koz4Christ a posted Dec 15, 14
Hey friends!

In honor of the Christmas Event and the Christmas season we've just started a Christmas sale.  Simply use the code CHRISTMAS at checkout and you'll get 20% off!!

Merry Christmas!!

-The McFriends Team

Christmas Chaos!

[McF] Koz4Christ a posted Dec 11, 14
Santa has had an accident at his workshop and needs your help in retrieving his presents!  You can find these presents in all the public areas on the server and you can turn them into the head elf at /event

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