MCFriends Network

After three years of providing a safe and friendly place for gamers to play Minecraft, MCFriends has shut down. We're proud of the small community that continued to rally around MCFriends and are inspired by the incredible friendships that were created.

Many of you are asking us why the community is closed. The simple answer is this: time. Creating and developing a Minecraft server (never mind a network with several servers) takes a lot of time. We believe there are better servers out there with resources and communities more finely tuned to our player's needs.

One of those servers is the Cobalt Network. Cobalt is another small, yet successful, network that has agreed to partner with MCFriends and merge some of our data, including active donors (/rankclaim), into their network. You will notice that Cobalt has a very simalar look and feel.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support [at] mcfriends [dot] com.

Thank you again for supporting the MCFriends Network