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Mayor's Guide!

[McF] Koz4Christ a posted Thu at 14:43
Hey friends!

I just released the Mayor's guide for the McFriends survival world.  Enjoy!

Also, someone has already disliked the video so be sure to press thumbs up!

Server Crashed

[McF] DARKHAWX a posted Nov 15, 14
Its........ALLLLIVVEEE!  (server is back up)

Server has crashed due to a bug and I cannot fix/restart it.

So unfortunately that means it will be down until Koz wakes up (that'll be like 6 hours or so). Please be patient we will fix this ASAP.

[Ac] Creeperkid753 ^ that's so true you help out so much ...
[S] Cougardog1054 Its ok Dark, we all still love you!
Hey friends!

We will be opening the survival world tomorrow at noon CST.  I know that I said it would be today but I just ran out of time doing my prep work this morning.  I want to make sure the world is ready.

-Fully 1.8.  We now only accept 1.8 connections
-1.8 Blocks available in Plot world (and 1.8 ore generation in survival)
-New Survival kits for donors
-Survival world border is 24k and the nether 3k (radius).  
We will manually expand these over time

-/survival will teleport  you to the world
-Survival Video guide (posted tomorrow)
-Survival Mayor guide (posted tomorrow)
-Players can purchase 1 public warp for 2k (/warp create <warpname>)

Survival Protection Guide:

Survival Mayor Guide:
[Video will be here once its posted]
Hey there,
With Halloween come and gone its time for another contest! This one will yet again be a build contest (different ones will come in the future) for Invisible Creepers Arenas! We are wanting to see your cool and unique Invisible Creepers Arenas so get building and use "/contest submit" to submit once you have finished.

The prize for this contest will be again a wad of in-game cash, a new pet and some cool unlockable items.
As usual keep within the rules of the server (nothing offensive, etc.) with your sumbissions.

Here is a list of the things you need to include in your arena and can be indicated using their repsective blocks:
  • Lobby - Dark Blue Wool - This is the area players will teleport to pre-game start and after their death. This should be within the arena bounds so that players can spectate but must also be cut off from the creepers so they will not track players in there.
  • Spawnpoint - Light Blue Wool - This is the position that players will teleport to when the game starts. Will usually be in the center of the arena, but can be anywhere you want.
  • Creeper Spawnpoint - Green Wool (Or creeper head) - These will be positions where creepers will spawn throughout the game. Try to spread them out all over your arena so that players can't hide from them.
Additionally you may want to add informations signs/blocks for the following variables:
  • Minimum players required to start the arena
  • Maximum players required to start the arena
  • Fall areas - These are places/holes in the arena that the players can enter/fall which will act like them dying. i.e. the hole in the center of the QuartzCircle arena; falling in there will teleport you to the lobby, just like if you died.
You may add any other cool things you want. In the future I may be adding a dynamic map element so that the map can in between waves creating some cool gameplay elements.

Use "/contest info" in game to get more info on this contest.

Good luck and I hope to see your cool creations out there soon

The monthly drop party has been postponed due to timing issues with Koz and I and will happen later this week.
[S] Cougardog1054 For the record of anyone that is planning on submitting to the contest, please do not submit your plot until your plot i ...
Congrats to you who won.  I will place your items that you won at your island shortly

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