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Hey friends!

I'm just letting you know that Monday morning starting at 6am I am going to be taking the server down for 6 hours while we move to new hardware.  This will be a significant server upgrade made possible by all you donors out there! (thanks!)

Starting at 6am CST and should be done around Noon.  The server address will not be changing (

Enjoy the game,
[McF] Koz4Christ a And its back up!
[McF] Koz4Christ a HUZZAH! Download complete (thx MCproHosting). Upload has started, we should be back up within the hour!!
GigaByte_Jr Pff GoodGod.

Winner: Lowellsbmx
Runner up: Cieran360
Participation: MrFlake123 and PimpedOutHobo

Anyone who even made an attempt got something since there were so few valid entries.  Thank you all for your hard work and keep an eye out for the next contest!
[B] lowellsbmx thank you guys. i had a blast building it ...
[F] ChronicSquid Congrats to all the winners and runner-ups! ...
BMDisDaBomb Congrats Lowell on your build


[McF] Koz4Christ a posted Sep 20, 14

We are back live after white a bit of work.  However, I am taking the creative plots down for the time being so I can fix an issue that has been going on for awhile.

If you ever come across any bugs you can report them by doing /bug <report>

FLASH SALE.  Had to be suspended due to a bug with the donations plugin, waiting to hear back from support

Hey friends!

Thanks to Dutchy I know what is going on and will resolve this in the morning (about 12 hours from this post) which means another couple hours of downtime.  I'm going to take the opportunity to fix some issues with Plotme as well.

So if you see the server offline tomorrow you'll know why.


After it is back up I'll put a 48 hour 20% off everything in the store
dutchy1001 Np, any help needed and I'll try to help out.
GigaByte_Jr Still under Mantiance?
GigaByte_Jr I miss ingame allready :3


[McF] Koz4Christ a posted Sep 19, 14
Sorry guys.  I had to put the server into emergency maintenance as there has been a sudden problem with the world generation in the Skyblock world allowing users access to normally generated terrain.

I'm working hard to get this resolved and hope to get the server back up asap
OldManTigerMask You are currently restarting server which means It'll be up soon! ...
[McF] Koz4Christ a Really sorry for the inconvenience guys. There may be a flash sale for the weekend to make it up to you Edited the wo ...
OldManTigerMask Please get this fixed soon I love your server & was about to record Keep up the good work
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