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Bank and Unlocks

[O] Koz4Christ a posted Sep 8, 14
Hey friends!

I figured I would take a moment to inform you a bit on some of the new features that you saw with the drop party.


The bank is a system that we have put into place so the lobby can have shared inventories.  The Bank tags items as they are obtained so it always knows the world in which they originated.  What this allows is that you can put items in your bank, travel to the lobby and sell items at player shops all in one place so we don't have to have player owned shops across all our worlds.

Right now we're only using a small portion of its functionality.  Once we move to our new lobby towards the end of this month you will need to use the /bank command to transport items to and from the lobby.  Then once we get our Towny world up you can bring items from there to the lobby to sell.  Items bought and sold from that world will only be able to travel back to the Towny world.


This is sort of a server achievement system.  We will be passing these items out during contests, drop parties and tournaments.  There is a lot of items that we've already added to this system (pets, skywars kits, money etc) and will be adding more and more things!

You can see what you've unlocked by right clicking on the villager in the lobby.  You'll notice some hints of what is to come on our server :)

I am working on getting a "Server Guide" section on the website for directions on how to use our custom systems and commands!
Hey friends!

Just a reminder that we'll be doing a livestream event and drop party on the server

Sept 2nd 7-9pm CST

Use this to check your local time,2158177&h=6

Dark's view with some extra information about contest guidelines and custom unlocks

All the updates!

[O] Koz4Christ a posted Aug 23, 14
Hey friends!

We've been hard at work developing new ways to donate that are EULA compliant.  With that being said, the "new" EULA hasn't fully been developed so we're going to keep the RANKS up for purchase until we get asked otherwise or see any development in that.

Keep in mind, the ranks are permanent and you will never lose it even if we change them.  Your perks will stay but we do have things in mind for changing them to be EULA compliant if needed.

-New /welcome command!
-New chat filter system
-New Contest system (/contest)
-PETS!!! (check the store)
-Chum and above all got pets to be sure to do "/pet select" and see what you got (they'll be green when you hover over them)
-TNT Run (currently upgrading the server to handle it)
-Purchase the ability to have 8 people on your island
-Purchase the ability to change the biomes on your island

We will be making a shortcut for the pets GUI shortly but right now /pet select will get you to it and then right clicking on your pet

Server Contest!

[O] Koz4Christ a posted Aug 19, 14
Hey friends!

DarkHawx and many others have been hard at work building a new lobby and shop area for the fan server.  Now, we need your help to build the shops building.

Schematic Download:
World Download:

Due: Sept 22nd

1 - Buddy Rank or next available rank
2 - $10 in store credit
3 - 4 random item unlocks
Suitable participation - 1 random item unlock

How to submit:
Post on this forum with your schematic, world download, video or note to check your creative plot

BlockImpulse Hello! It's BlockImpulse and I would like to be a contestant. Please do /p h BlockImpulse to see my shop and also my bui ...

Update time!

[O] Koz4Christ a posted Aug 4, 14
Hey friends!

Please welcome DARKHAWX as the official Head Admin!  He has done a ton of work on the backend and helped me out immensely.  Some of the ideas he has for the future are fantastic and I think you guys are going to be very happy with some of the plans we have.

Also, I plan on upgrading the server this week so if you don't see it online it is because we're in the middle of the move. (MOAR RAM!!)

  1. Creative plots are back! (duplication glitch has been fixed)
  2. More maps for Skywars
  3. Submission guide for new skywars maps
  4. Shop was updated to remove EULA volating purchases
  5. Added a "Just because" donation option
  6. Added donation goals that will speed up development of the server
  7. Added a monthly drop party donation goal
  8. Lots of Website changes

Future plans (Roadmap):
  1. More fun donations options (by the end of August)
  2. Contests!
  3. YT rank (ETA Unkown)
  4. Spleef (by Aug 18th)
  5. Survival games (rough ETA, Sept)
  6. Towny (ETA unkown)
  7. New lobby (ETA unknown, can't rush genius)
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