Thursday, December 5, 2013

Server Give away

The Prize: 3 month 1GB server from MCProHosting

The end date: December 20th 10pm CST

How to Enter:

  1. Connect to
  2. Claim a lot (/plotme auto
  3. Register your email (/email set youraddress)
  4. Build something that conveys "Minecraft Friends Christmas"


Each lot will be judged by 3 judges and rated 1-10 based upon Originality, Over all look and Detail.  The winner will be contacted by email on the 23rd and announced publicly on the 25th.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Towny McFriends Downloads

Hey friends!

Once again, thank you for all your support and I do aim to bring back the server again once I reach a certain level on my Youtube channel that could support the server financially.  So you all could help witht hat

Main world

Alpha World

The End

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Its been a good run

Hey friends!

It has been a lot of fun to play alongside all of you over the last 16 months that our server has been online and its been great to make a lot of new friends when we opened it up to the public in Jan of this year.  Since opening it to the public we've seen over 700 unique visitors to our little corner of the Minecraft world.

However, this is coming to an end....for now.  I want to say that while I am taking the Towny server offline (Oct 27th), it doesn't mean that it will never return.  It is my goal to bring it back in the future once I reach a point on my youtube channel that could sustain the server without donations.

I would like to formally say thank you to all my VIPs (listed below) and when the server returns you will retain your VIP status or something to its equivalent.  You have allowed me to focus on just building the server and enabled the server to reach a popularity past my expectations.

-Towny server will be taken offline on the 27th
-World Downloads will be made available in the following days
-Keep checking this website for updates on when it will return
-Subscribe to my channel and like all my videos (This will help bring back the server sooner)





Many of you may be wondering why I am shutting it down.  There are two reasons for this.

1.) Funding - the server is requiring for me to pay out of pocket and with the amount of time that I need to put into running it.  I didn't think it would be right for me to pay and dump hours per week just administrating it.

2.) Time - I simply do not have the time with working a full time job, time with my wife, volunteer at Church and run a YouTube channel to be an adequate administrator of the server.  With that in mind, I fully recognize the value of a fan server as it ties into my YouTube Channel so I have plans to bring the server back once my channel has reached a certain level (somewhere in the neighborhood of 5k subs)

So in closing, be sure to keep up on this website or subscribe to my channel because I will announce the return of the server there (whenever that is).

  1. Koz's Youtube Channel
  2. Twitter
  3. Reddit

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mob Catcher

Hey friends!

Quick update for you.  I was able to update Mob Catcher to 1.6.4 so its been re-added to the server.


Friday, September 27, 2013

A Jerk and 1.6.4

Hey friends!

Some people just don't play well with others.  We were attacked again yesterday by the same person as Sunday and I refuse to use the term "hacker" since how they did it isn't anything special.  Fortunately we were able to see how they did it this time and I am able to restore the server from backup.

However, everything done during the day on the 26th will be lost.

I'm currently waiting for the backup to upload which may take some time but I'll be able to bring the server back online once its done (2-4 hours, 2.2 gb of data takes awhile to upload)


I'm also taking this opportunities to update the server to 1.6.4 but there are a few things that will be missing for now
  • Mob Capture (should be updated within the next week)
  • EchoPet (no on has a pet anyway, this just may stay removed)

Enjoy the game!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

VIP Mine and Reddit

Hey friends!

VIP Mine Update

We're on reddit!  Feel free to post in our section any questions, problems or suggestions you may have.

Scare Koz
If you aren't subscribed to my Youtube channel what are you waiting for?  I scare myself playing a horror game this week, check it out.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Updates and Ramblings

Hey friends!

Now that I've survived the month of Aug (1 week on a river and a week in Baltimore) I have time to get back to work on the server so here is what is up coming.

  • Resource and Nether reset Sept 3rd 7am-ish CST 
    • don't be logged out while in that world or you will lose your stuff
  • General plugin updates
  • Expanding Alpha town to include lots
  • Cleaning up Alpha town
    • I will be going around and putting signs on lots that do not have real structures on it
    • If you'd like to keep your lot, simply remove the sign and your lot will stay yours
    • I'd like to get to a point where every lot has a cool building on it so it looks more like a city of some sorts
That is all! Be sure to keep telling people about our server so it continues to get used and funded