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Lots of updates

[O] Koz4Christ a posted Thu at 7:01
  1. New MOTD
  2. New Server icon
  3. New Shorcut commands! (/lobby, /shop, /vote, /ranks, /buy)
  4. New Parkour course
  5. Added the special kits back into SkyWars
  6. Added a new donation package with in game heads displayed
  7. Added Moderators

I added a new donation package to prepare for next week.  It is a package to donation just to say thank you.  For those who donate more than $5 will get on this wall and it will display the last 4 donations.

Chipstogo Lol MiniPrey, it isn't in Beta its amazing
Miniprey Hello, is the server still in beta? if so, i plan to buy a rank around the beginning of august. If its open, i cant find ...
mario8639 Added /op

Parkour Course!

[O] Koz4Christ a posted Jul 15, 14
Hey friends!

I've created a thread with my current project list and builds i'm looking for.  Feel free to build something on your plot and post a pic of it on that thread.

Also, our very own mvilcis FOUND a parkour course in the lobby so I expanded it a little bit.  See if you can get to the end.  I plan on making it even longer as I have time.


Chipstogo Ive tried the parkour, 30 minutes later im 1/10th of the way through and I give up, I suck.
The server is now open and I've got a 2 week sale on the ranks so get them while they're hot!!

If you purchased a rank to gain access to our beta period I'll be sending you a 40% off code in the next few days.

Here is my announcement for 5k subs

Working on:
-Finishing the Admin Shop
-Skywars maps
-Skywars Island
-Skywars Signs
Hey friends!


The voting now works and you can gain $50 of in game money for each vote and you can vote at 5 different websites per day.  I plan on putting in random rewards for votes and a prize for the top voter each month so get voting!

Beta testing

I plan to open the server up next Mon or Tues (July 7th or 8th) so be sure to have your plots and islands claimed by then.  I'm also going to try and get a livestream going for a bit on one of those nights and anyone who has donated to be part of the beta testing will get a special code for 40% off the store

Player shops

I was able to get the players shops up and running!  You can get to this by walking over the bridge or doing /warp shop.  The Admin shop is nearby and should be up shortly.

Beta Testing!

[O] Koz4Christ a posted Jun 29, 14
Hey friends!

We are now beta testing.  If you've donated to the server in the past, a good friend of mine, or part of the McFriends you are on the whitelist.  Please report any bugs or errors in the forums!

If you'd like to help us beta test, feel free to purchase a rank at the shop!

Skyblock Reset

I know it is crazy early to do this but I've realized that the islands are way too close together so I'm going to triple the distance to give you guys some more space.  I'll take a look before the rest and save any islands that I see progress on.  Let me know if you run into any problems or lose any items in the rest.  I plan on doing it within the 24 hours.


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