February Server Update

In addition to updating to 1.8 this past month, a lot of other things have been happening on the server that you might not have noticed. Here’s the lowdown.

  • Additions
    • Chicken Snowballs (Working Title)
      • Still in beta testing
      • New mini-game
      • use /cs lobby to get to the lobby
    • New Hub
      • Contains portals to get to all major areas of server
      • Using /lobby, /hub or /spawn will teleport you there
      •  Old lobby still exists, being repurposed
        • Use /skycity to get there
    • New Donator Perks
      • Gain 3 unlockable Items each purchase
      • Gain 500x money spent of in game cash
      • Gain money spent in mcmmo levels
      • Donator rank on website (COMING SOON)
      • Donator rank and access to donor channel in teamspeak
      • All kits have been changed (much, much better. Like diamond blocks better)
        • Use /kit and you will get the correct kit for the world you are in.
      • Individual Perks
        • Ally
          • Color codes in chat
          • 1.1x Exp McMMO
          • Daily Lootbag (small, /lootbag)
          • Reserved mini-game slots (last 3 – 5 slots)
        • Buddy
          • Extra Plot
          • 1.25x Exp McMMO
          • Access to /sellgui and /buygui
        • Chum
          • McMMO Cooldown Halved
          • 1.75x Exp McMMO
          • Daily Lootbag (medium, /lootbag)
        • Friend
          • Nick Names (/nick)
          • Skulls (/skull)
          • Extra Plot
          • McMMO Lucky Perk
          • Reseved Server Slots (last 10 – 15 slots)
          • Sidekick
          • Daily Lootbag (large, /lootbag)
          • 3x Exp McMMO
          • McMMo cooldowns thirded
        • Partner
          • 4x Exp McMMO
          • McMMO Arcane Bypass (repair)
          • Extra Plot
          • House In Lobby (coming soon)
    • Help Command
      • Big Thanks to Cougardog1054 for this
      • New GUI based help section
      • Feedback would be appreciated (that includes stuff that is missing or incomplete)
      • Use /help [section] to view
    • Merchant (Coming soon)
      • Get weekly “sales” on items
    • Dynmap
      • Map is back on the website
      • Still needs full renders for all worlds (in progress)
  • Removals
    • Removed the /sell command
    • Removed /bank command
      • use /recoverbank in survival or skyblock
  • Changes
    • Ally Rank
      • Ally is the new black, I mean Acquaintance
      • That’s about it
      • We just changed the name since it was too long
    • Lootbags
      • Donators are able to obtain lootbags daily
      • Use /lootbag to a lootbag
    • ShopGUI (coming soon)
      • Added to each world spawn
      • Use /buygui to purchase items on the go (donor only)
      • Use /sellgui to sell items on the go (donor only)
        • You must have the required items/money to do these commands
    • Other
      • Finished Balances and ultimates for Pvparena
      • Changed the buildings in spawn to a construction site
      • /list overhaul, Small format changes
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed large lootbags not correctly giving the right items
    • /staff and /list now correctly displays vanished players
    • Fixed death by none in PvPArena
  • Known Bugs
    • Players with new IGN will be told they don’t have an island
      • DO NOT create a new island
      • Wait for admin to come online and they can fix it.

Ontime Issue

I feel like I keep giving you guys bad news, but I at least want to keep you informed.

We tried updating to a beta version of Ontime, that would allow players with new names to keep their ontime data. Essentially it was Ontime that supported UUID. Well, we installed it and the plugin didn’t really work as planned. We tried to go back to the old version and it just messed things up even worse.

Bad news: Everyone is starting with ZERO lifetime record on the server.

Good news: We still have record of your time played on the server, in case you planned on applying for staff or if you just wanted to know.

We are slowing going to phase out Ontime and create our own custom version of the plugin (YES your playing history will be copied over).

Server 1.8 Update

We got some great news! The server is officially on 1.8!

What does this mean for you:

  • More stable server
  • Updated plugins
  • New commands and challenges in uSkyblock
    • /island ban “player” and protected animals
    • Challenges to be added soon!

What is the broken (mainly due to username changes):

  • If you changed your name you’ll need to get an admin to help with getting your island re-assigned to you. If you change your name after this, you should be fine.
  • OnTime has not been updated for UUIDs. We do have a record of every player’s OnTime and should be able to fix the times once it is updated.
  • SkyBlock perks are broken, these will be updated soon.

Other updates:

  • SkyBlock end and nether portals are now on /skyworld.
  • Dynmap is now active on the website
    • Still need to full render worlds
  • /bank has been retired, but you can still get your items.
    • Make sure you have an empty inventory.
    • Pick which would you would like your items and use <COMING SOON>.
  • New shops at world spawns
    • Removed /sell command
    • Players will be able to use villagers at world spawns to purchase items.
    • Donors will be able to use commands, instead of going to spawns.
  • New per-world inventory system will be added by the end of the month, allowing you to take items to/from player shops, drop parties and mini-game prizes.


  • If you notice any bugs that show UUIDs, please post it as a comment below!

We are super excited for this update and have been dealing with a lot of ongoing instability issues waiting on the chance to perform this update.  This will allow us to focus again on new development projects and bring back the Dynamic Map!

Enjoy the game!

-Koz, Dark, Joey and Coug


The server is currently being upgraded to 1.8. This process could take a while, please check back here for updates.

All times in EST

  • 9:30pm – Server and plugins have been updated. Server remains in maintenance mode for further updates.
  • 11:00pm – Converting Skript files over to UUIDs. This is a manual process and must be done to be compliant with username changes.
  • 3:30am – After working for who knows how many hours, the server is not where it needs to be to go live at the moment. We do not want to go live when something that could break and ruin gameplay for players.
  • Feb 8th
  • 1:30pm – Server still remains in maintenance mode due to Skript issues. Since Skript powers a lot of things on our server, we have to get this right. If we don’t get it right, players could loose items in their bank, lose unlockables and more.
  • 7:00pm – Dynmap is being added back to the server and should be on the website shortly.
  • 8:30pm – New way of converting Skript files is in progress.

All The New Things!

3dHi all! Most of you have probably seen me around the server, but I wanted to officially introduce myself. My name is Joey (aka: itismejoey) and I am the Social Engagement Admin.

Part of my job as the Social Engagement Admin is making sure everyone is able to stay connected and up to date on the server. Our most important piece of communication is our website and the old one wasn’t cutting it.

The site is 100% custom made for us, meaning no one else will have the same looking Minecraft site. We also have a matching Buycraft site, that we know will work a lot better then the old one.

Since this is 100% custom, some things from the old site will not be on here yet. One of those things will be the vote counts. You can still vote for the server, but at the moment we won’t be able to keep track, on the site, how many votes you have cast. Another thing is the server status, although the Buycraft site does have this feature, so you can always check that. One thing that we still have is the forum, which we will be adding fun new features for that as well.

As always, new things have bugs, so please let us know if you find any.

McFriends SMP Relaunch!!

We are really excited to announce that we are bringing back the McFriends Vanilla SMP! The same crew will be back playing on the server, along with a few new faces, that you may already know from the Fan Server.

Join us for the stream Sunday Jan. 11th at 8pm CST!